NYT pops smoke for Hillary: Trump taxes story a huge red herring

The New York Times, ever the loyal soldier in the DNC/Hillary propaganda division, ran a story late last week (Friday?) breathlessly shrieking that Donald Trump doesn’t pay taxes. Well, no, that’s what the leftist blogosphere is making of it. What the story actually said was that, according to a leaked 1995 return, Trump claimed a huge loss, which may, likely,  have meant that he paid no federal income tax that year. Which, of course, is causing all kinds of vapors and “righteous” indignation in people that think he’s the spawn of Satan and Hitler anyway.

To quote Commander Spock from his latest mission in the theaters: Horseshit.

In military maneuvers, a technique to confuse your enemies and hide your immediate actions is to release a smoke cloud to obscure the enemy’s observation of you. The term used for this action is to say that the unit in question, “pops smoke.” This is what the NYT did. They popped smoke to allow the Clinton campaign to wiggle out from under the serious issues of Hillary’s utter lack of fitness to be the President. Never mind that Clinton deliberately broke federal laws and government policies and regulation in her mishandling of classified data. Never mind that she ran a foundation that accepted millions in funding from people who she then assisted in official actions while she was Secretary of State. Never mind that her actions while Secretary have still never been fully investigated and are likely to have resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans in a terrorist attack on a US embassy.

No, no… the real problem is that Donald Trump availed himself of every legal deduction he was eligible to take and got his federal income tax down to zero. You know… like the rest of us attempt to do every damn April of every bloody year we work.

And there are so many people out there chasing this red herring and getting outraged – outraged! – over the fact that “he didn’t pay any taxes!” It’s really appalling to me how people can let themselves be stampeded into hypocracy. What, after all, did Donald Trump do that was illegal? Nothing. That was immoral? Nothing, unless all the rest of us taking the deductions we’re allowed are equally immoral. And this focus on his federal income taxes at the NYT’s goading misses the notion that federal income taxes are only one part of the taxes we pay. Trump had state taxes to pay, just like us. He had real estate taxes to pay, just like us. (And with as many properties as he owns, I can safely assume his real estate taxes amounted to a lot more than mine did.) 

Again, where’s the illegality, here? Clinton deliberately set up an off-the-books email server in direct violation of government policy and regulation. (And yes, I know from 1st-hand knowledge that it’s a violation and that all of us who are accessing government email know that.) She engaged in behavior that represents a conflict of interest, selling access to the State Department and US foreign policy, also in violation of regulation and policy. Donald Trump followed the tax law. There is no comparison between those situations – one is flatly illegal and the other is explicitly lawful.

Honestly, people, don’t fall for it. The media is covering for their preferred candidate and that’s all this is.