Brit who tried to assassinate Trump “meant no harm”?

Ooookay. And then there’s this:

The mother of a Briton accused of trying to shoot and kill US presidential candidate Donald Trump has said he is “sorry for everything”.

Lynne Sandford was allowed to visit her 20-year-old son, Michael, in jail in the US for the first time on Thursday.

Mr Sandford, from Dorking in Surrey, is accused of trying to grab a police officer’s gun to shoot Mr Trump at a Las Vegas rally on 18 June.

Ms Sandford said she did not “for one minute” believe he meant any harm.

“He’s very remorseful and glad that nothing happened, nobody got hurt, and he just feels terrible about the whole thing and the effect that it’s having on the family.”

Well, if the Mom of the guy who walked up to a uniformed police officer and tried to snatch his gun out of his holster while attending a rally for a political figure with whom he “allegedly” disgrees strongly says that her boy “meant no harm” then all’s well, eh? OK, here’s a newsflash to the BBC: the guy isn’t just “accused of” trying to take the gun. He did try to take the gun. And he didn’t do it because he just liked the finish on the grip. He did it because he wanted to hurt someone, to kill someone. And if he’s feeling badly about the effect it’s having on his family, perhaps he should have considered that before trying to register his political dissent using a firearm.

The press, as usual, is softpedaling all of this because the guy was going to off someone that doesn’t agree with their political agenda and priorities.Had this been some redneck from Alabama trying to snag a gun off a cop at a Hillary rally, we’d be hearing about it every 24 hours with a continuous overtone about how it’s all Trump’s fault, anyway.