Another thing: Clinton’s lost phones should each be an investigation in process.

And here’s another thing about the FBI document dump this week. Hillary Clinton – who, if you recall, insisted on using her personal e-mail system because she wanted the convenienceof using just 1 device/service – apparently had multiple mobile devices. Thirteen (13), to be precise. Now, she wasn’t using all 13 at the same time. No, no… she was using 1 at time because she had a habit of losing them.

I don’t need to link to some expert opinion on what’s supposed to happen then. This is my field – I do this for a living. I know from first-person perspective what’s supposed to happen when someone loses an IT asset owned by and connected to a federal information system. First up, that action is a matter of grave concern and is considered an information “spillage” if the system it was connected with is considered classified in any way whatsoever. Even the loss of an “unclass” asset calls for a complete investigation into what happened, what was likely on the device, etc. For someone to just leave it lying around and – whoops! – forget where they left it isn’t something that just gets blown off. I know. It’s my job.

Secondly, if an asset like that is to be retired you don’t do so with a hammer. Well, that’s not entirely true; there are situations where the physical destruction of the device is called for in the normal decommissioning process. Those situations involve assets that are known or suspected to have been involved in the transmission or storage of highly-classified data. So if Clinton’s aide felt the need to ball-peen the phone into little, tiny bits, then that’s a good indication that he thought something had been on there that was more sensitive than yoga discussions. Oh, and where’s the asset decommission documentation? Federal property is, you know, public property and when it’s retired it’s not supposed to be destroyed without good reason. It’s put through a “excess” process and returned to the federal pool to be deployed elsewhere if it’s still useful. It’s hard to do that when it’s been hammers into shards. 

Does anyone really think she’s going to be any better steward of federal property if she’s President? That she’ll really obey the law any better? Utter nonsense. Her sense of entitlement will balloon and she’ll dare you to do anything about it.