#NeverTrump, I feel for you. What’s your alternative?

I think I made my position regarding my choice of candidates in the GOP nomination fight pretty clear while it was going on. For those who don’t want to go back through the record, I’ll summarize here: First choice, Carly Fiorina. Second, Ted Cruz. Rubio had a shot at second place but he got too cozy with establishment GOP leaders, in my opinion. 

In case you’re wondering: no, Donald Trump was never on my list.

So when the #NeverTrump movement began I certainly could understand their perspective and I even respect their steadfast adherance to their principles. But I’d like to ask them, seriously and calmly, what is the alternative they are proposing to voting for Trump in the fall? Now, far too often when this question gets asked, people dive in with a couple of well-worn tropes that I’m not interested in.

Trump’s the only one who can win this election! Sez you. I saw an interesting comment the other day where someone said that Trump and Hillary are the only 2 people the other one could actually beat.That’s clever and amusing but it’s also true. And besides, it’s not the question, here.

Trump’s a Democrat/Liberal/stinky-face-jerkwad who’s never been a conservative and will lose this election big-time! This one’s no better than the argument that he, alone, can win. The #NeverTrump team has been brutally clear about why they don’t think he’s fit for office. I don’t need yet another repeat.

We have to vote for Trump to stop Hillary! Fascinatingly, this is the exact inverse of the argument being handed to Sanders supporters right now in the effort to make them vote for Clinton. And, again, it’s not the question. I don’t need someone to tell me how bad Clinton is. I’ve already written a post on Madam Above-the-Law and I already know she’s a disaster-in-waiting. Also not the question.

I want to hear from #NeverTrump folks about what they are proposing people do. Surely they can’t be suggesting that conservatives vote for Clinton. So what are they suggesting?  I’m posting this on Facebook, also, to see if I can get some commentary there. Word of warning, tho – for this post and (hopefully) this post alone, I am going to remove comments left that fall into the categories above. I’m not interested in another hash of why Trump’s da MAN or why he’s a jerk or why Hillary is so bad we don’t want her to be President. I want to know what the proposed alternative is as envisioned by the #NeverTrump folks. 

Thanks for your help on this.