3rd Party Candidates: Johnson/Weld ain’t Libertarian

With both the Democratic and Republican nomination processes complete, the 2 parties are now in the interesting position of having candidates that a significant number of Americans just don’t like. And I mean both of ’em. Donald Trump on the GOP side has managed to alienate most of the conservatives in the party and is on record saying that he can win without them; that he doesn’t need them and doesn’t care if they vote at all. Hillary Clinton on the Democrat side clearly won the nomination due to collusion between her campaign and the DNC. The leaked e-mails demonstrate that beyond doubt: Sanders never had a chance because the party made damn sure he didn’t. Conservatives on the right and socialists on the left are madder than hell at the respective party they’ve supported for years and they’re looking at alternatives seriously. One of those is the Libertarian ticket of Johnson/Weld. I certainly gave them a look, myself, and I’ve finished my assessment: they ain’t Libertarians.

Johnson’s recent commentary on the matter of religious freedom is certainly instructive. He claims that such a concept is a “black hole” and that government should be regulating people’s actions to avoid discrimination. He conjures up people claiming the right to shoot and kill someone on the street and justify it based on their religious beliefs – something no one in the US has done, I might add, and something generally held as invalid except in the more Muslim areas of the world – while dismissing entirely the question of whether a photographer should be forced to take pictures at a gay wedding. And he dismisses it as a non-issue while even admitting that such a thing actually did take place! Quite literally no actual Libertarian I know agrees with him on the matter, not at all. He’s inconsistent with his notion that our government should adhere to the Constitutional limitations placed upon it and that’s the defining characteristic of a Libertarian. 

Bill Weld supports gun-grabbing and, though he’s trying to wave it off now, he’s actually had a hand in enacting some of the very “gun-control” measures Libertarians decry. His support for the concept of eminent domain for the purposes of giving property over to private enterprises so they can develop the land into something that might generate more tax revenue is equally bad and anathema to Libertarians.

In short, these 2 arent’ the Libertarians you’re looking for. And it would take more than a dismissive wave of the hand to make that truth invisible. For conservatives, particularly, they are no improvement over the other candidates thus far.