Assumptions and the evil they do

Just yesterday I had occasion to write about my usual admonition to avoid jumping to conclusions based on early reports in the media regarding crisis events. This week saw a lot of those, with the shooting of a man in Baton Rouge, one near Minneapolis, and then the craven ambush of Dallas police officers. I wrote a little about the Dallas situation on Facebook but I didn’t really address the matters in Baton Rouge or Minnestoa because while the Dallas shootings of police officers working security at a protest march very clearly wasn’t something that was justified by law, the shootings of the 2 men elsewhere weren’t so clearly defined. They were killed by police officers who engaged with the men as the result of a call to do so. That means I need to know a lot more before I come down on one side or the other.

The situation in Minnesota appears to be turning out to be quite different than the picture that was painted on the basis of the girlfriend’s video. The couple was not pulled over for a busted taillight – they were pulled over because the driver matched the description of the perpetrator of an armed robbery. The report of the girlfriend that says the police shot her boyfriend and then left him in the car while he bled to death is also at issue because we now have video evidence that police were attempting to revive the man beside the car before the medical teams arrived. And this is just in the span of a couple of days. As I’ve said, the investigation is ongoing. We need to await the facts.

Since I mentioned the shooting in Baton Rouge, let me also mention that the man who was killed absolutely resisted the police and the gun found on his person wasn’t legally carried by him. Again, we need to get the facts before we start fanning the flames of anger.