Hillary Clinton is a liar and a clear and present danger to the security of this nation. She does not deserve your support.

Events this week have moved swiftly. I haven’t had the chance to weigh in on the matter of Hillary Clinton skating away on the charges of mishandling classified data so here we go. I have mentioned this before but I will say it again because it’s pertinent to my commentary: I work for a company that does business with US Government agencies. I have held government clearances for the last dozen or so years and I have had access to and training regarding classified information. That training covers how to handle it, what’s allowed in e-mail and what systems are required when transmitting that data. In other words, I know precisely and from 1st-person perspective what Hillary Clinton was required by law to do.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal. The fact that a man who is, at best, a coward and oath-breaker who placed political considerations ahead of enforcement of the law or, at worst, a corrupt cop decided to deliberately ignore the actual law, as passed, does not obligate me to willfully blind myself to the truth that any honestly objective person can see. She violated 18 U.S.C. 793(f) and, Director Comey’s unilateral rewrite of the law notwithstanding, her intent is completely irrelevant to that fact. Comey’s boss met with the husband of the woman under investigation just days before Comey’s announcement in a clear, obvious, unethical conflict of interest. The fix was in and they let her skate. Doesn’t change the fact that any reasonable person can see she violated the law. She’s a crook. But she got off with her high-powered friends’ help. (I would urge my fellow Americans who hold clearances to not try that at home. The rule of law doesn’t apply to Clinton and her pals but they’ll make damn sure it applies to you.)

I know all of the left/MSM news agencies are trying their best to rush you along – nothing to see here! – but Comey’s performance didn’t begin and end with “Nope! No charges!” as much as they want you to believe it did. Comey’s appearance at a Congressional hearing confirmed every point he made in the original announcement. Let’s review, shall we?

Beyond doubt, Hillary is a liar and a cheat. At every stage she lied about what she had done and only admitted it when backed into a corner. There was no classified data on her e-mail server. That’s a lie and she knew it at the time she said it. She only did it so she could have 1 device to use instead of 2. That’s a lie and she knew it at the time she said it. She had multiple devices and she bloody well knows it. The system was secure. That’s a lie. Virtually everything she said about this has been a lie and a lie spoken repeatedly. And do not allow yourself to be deceived further by her friends in the media: she did all of this so she could avoid her legally-mandated accountability to you. And she’s standing up there on the podium telling you she’ll fight for your interests and serve you faithfully. How the hell can you even remotely believe that given what we now know without question she has done?

Beyond doubt, she has no care at all about safeguarding the information critical to this nation’s defense and interest. Several of you have sons and daughters, husbands and wives in the military and intelligence services. Some of you are in the State Department, potentially even looking at deployment to embassies and consulates overseas. She’s been extremely careless – that’s the FBI talking, by the way – in handling the information that will keep our military and intel personnel safe. How can she be trusted to act prudently with the lives of these people on the line? How can any of us willfully put her in the position to be making those decisions, given how careless she is? Do we not care?

Beyond doubt, she has no care at all about following the law and will do and say whatever she likes whenever she wills. She has demonstrated that she can not be trusted to faithfully execute the laws; her oath of office would be worthless the second she spoke it. She has shown she cares nothing for the rule of law. Your voice, beyond your pulling the lever for her in the voting booth, is of no concern to her. Your interests are meaningless drivel to her, beyond being something she can manipulate you with.

Why would any American be a part of installing that into this nation’s leadership? She is untrustworthy in the extreme. Careless in the extreme. Her words cannot be trusted, she will not hold herself accountable to the American people once in office and she will continue the current efforts to divide us all and keep us at each other’s throats while she enriches herself and her friends at our expense. She does not deserve your support.