Dallas attack on police still has a lot of unanswered questions

It’s been my experience that pretty much everything said in the 1st 24 hours’ worth of reporting on a crisis situation is usually wrong. That’s something I noticed back when I worked at the airlines. When a plane would crash – thankfully a rare event and something that never happened to the airline I was working – people would come out of the woodwork with explanations aplenty about what happened and how the plane was taken down. Almost without fail, the initial reports were wrong. Sometimes they were closer to the truth than others, but they were still wrong. That’s when I developed the attitude that it’s best to wait for the actual investigators to get in there and get to work before drawing any conclusions.

It goes without saying anymore that reporters for new agencies don’t do investigative work any more.

The attack on the Dallas police was no “drive by” or sudden flare-up of violence. This was a planned, coordinated attack. You don’t have thoughtless thugs setting up overlapping fields of fire from elevated positions targeting specific persons out of a huge, moving crowd. And I am seriously doubtful that it was something that popped up in the last 2 days. This attack has the feel of something that was planned with great care and detail, complete with recon and battlespace intel. My feeling is that the plan was made some time ago and what the attackers were waiting for was an opportunity to apply it.

The Black Lives Matter protest appears to have been a peaceful one, from all reports, and I, personally, don’t think the protest marchers or the people who set it up have anything to do with it. The accusations that BLM is somehow responsible for this are unwarranted in my view.

The Dallas police had initially identified 3 people as involved but, according to the latest reports it now appears that a single shooter did all of this. Hard to believe but, again, I’m awaiting the details of the investigation.

In the meantime, my prayers go to the families of these officers, to their friends and fellow police, to the people of Dallas who had this happen in their midst. May God grant them strength, may he grant eternal life to the fallen, may he grant the community the strength of will and the compassion of peace to resist the hate that seeks to infect us


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