Idiot journalist embarrasses his profession being a whiny little git after shooting a rifle for the very first time.

Or, rather, he would have embarrassed his profession if any of them had any shame left. By now if you’ve been watching the news at all since the Orlando terror attack you know that the MSM went all-in to paint the AR-15 as a weapon of mass destruction (and no, I’m not kidding – they actually said that) and all gun owners that don’t want to ban them outright as accessories to the terror murders that took place. In an effort to get the public riled up with torches and pitchforks, some fainting pansy from the New York Daily News took at trip to a firing range so he could fire an AR-15 and wrote up some lurid prose about it, wailing that it bruised his shoulder and game him a case of PTSD.

Shortly afterward when people with real experience with actual PTSD called him out for the hyperventilating wuss he is and got him to stealth edit his story to say he had come down with a “form of” PTSD. Mockery continued afterwards with him doing everything he could in a follow-up piece to deflect the blame to anyone else. Suffice it to say the mockery continues and, if justice is served, will continue to do so until he’s long run out of the profession.

I was going to write up a small post on the matter but, to be honest, it’s been done in a lot of places every bit as well as I could do and this yutz’ 15 minutes are long up. So, in case my prose to this point hasn’t made it clear:

1) The AR-15 isn’t a bazooka, nor does it “kick” like one. (Brief aside: the bazooka is a recoilless weapon and doesn’t “kick” like this moron is implying.)
2) The AR-15, chambered in .223 caliber, has a recoil that is easily countered by the strength and mass of your average 10-year-old. Any grown man that claims otherwise has defaulted on his man card.
3) Any yammering nancy that is so terrified by firing a few rounds out of an AR-15 that he’s “irritable” for an hour later shouldn’t be allowed to drive in city traffic.

And that’s about all I’m going to say about this kook.