Transgender insanity has direct impact in high school sports

As it’s been said, this didn’t take long:

Haines runner Nattaphon Wangyot qualified for the girls 1-2-3A 100-meter and 200-meter finals Friday afternoon at the high school state track and field meet, but unlike her competitors, she was born with male anatomy.

Transgender equality has become a hot topic of discussion around the country, and Alaska is no exception. The Alaska Schools Activities Association recently implemented a policy to allow individual school districts to decide if a transgender athlete can compete in a sport as the gender they identify with.

While the concept of transgenderism is a wholly “social” construct, totally devoid of any objective scientific justification, the science of human biology is not. Militant feminists can be as offended about this as they like but the fact of the matter is that men, given roughly equal access to training and nutrition, are usually stronger and faster than women. Let’s look at this particular field of endeavor as a specific example. Usain Bolt is the current record-holder for speed in the 100 meter dash. He can cover that distance in 9.58 seconds, which he did in 2009. The fastest woman ever recorded in that event was Florence Giffith-Joyner (a.k.a. “FloJo”) whose best-ever time was 10.49 seconds, a record that stands since 1988. She trained, diligently, for that event and the best that the best of female sprinters could do is come in almost a full second behind the fastest man.

There’s a reason we have boy’s and girl’s teams in high schools. It is inherently unfair to girls to allow boys to compete against them, head-to-head, in events where speed and strength are the key attributes in the competition. Where sports involving marksmanship, agility, and artistry are concerned there is far less of a problem but those sports generally don’t involve direct person-to-person competition like track, soccer, and lacrosse do. Where is the compassion for the girls who are getting bumped off of teams because they can’t overcome the boys’ physical advantages?