Lesser of Two Evils yields both lesser and evil

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. I haven’t been since the day I first saw him (which was long before he started running for office) and, aside from his welcome efforts at pushing the immigration issue into the spotlight, he hasn’t done anything to improve my assessment of him. Beginning with the first few Republican primaries and caucuses I started to hear the old saw of the GOP nomination process that I needed to get on board with Trump because the other guy (Hillary Clinton, in this case) was so much worse.

Not voting for Trump was voting for Hillary, you know. So… suck it up and get on board. Because, unity!

Trump’s supporters seem to be blissfully uncaring that this man is on record as being supportive of the ridiculous “assault weapon” bans, as well as other useless, so-called “gun control” measures. He has lavishly funded Democrat campaigns, been involved in shady business practices, and I’m not even going to bring up his personal character. The man’s a complete and utter salesman in everything he does, which means he becomes, says, and does whatever is needed to make the deal. This man, literally, wrote the book on the subject. Allow me to put it as bluntly as I can: I. Do. Not. Trust. Him. Tell me all day long that he’ll do this or that wonderful thing once he’s in office. You can’t offer me anything remotely close to proof that he can be trusted to hold to his word because, unlike the deals he works to seal, his words to we voters aren’t deals. They’re negotiating positions which can be changed or set aside at his whim. And once in office, there won’t be a damn thing you can do about except wait for 4 years.

But Ric, Trump’s telling us he’ll protect our 2nd Amendment rights. He’ll nominate principled men and women of law to the Supreme Court to reverse the activist judiciary creep. He’ll control the border – even build that wall/fence! – strengthen our military, and reverse the Obamacare idiocy.

Yes, I’m sure. And you base all of this on what, exactly?

Well, ok, maybe it’s as bad as a coin-toss with Trump. But we know how Hillary will act. So this is really a no brainer.

And here, again, is the only argument the GOP wants to offer we who have supported them in campaign after campaign. Vote McCain because that Obama guy’s a socialist nutball. Vote Romney because at least he’ll pull back the lunacy that Obama nutball has inflicted. Not that the candidate actually represents my values and would govern with principles I can get behind. Just that he’s a wee bit better in the few categories than their guy is. Which leads me to the real issue I have the GOP these days.

They don’t have to come up with candidates that will actually fight for smaller, more focused, and Constitutionally-authorized government. All they aim for is to be just a teensy bit better than the candidate offered by the Democrats. Where that approach leads is to an endless string of candidates that get closer and closer to the Democrat’s position and further away from mine. Not all the way to Hillary Clinton, of course, but steadily closer nonetheless. And the more that happens the more the supporters of these candidates get pushy with me and others who feel as I do to shut up and get on the bus.

When do my values get represented? When do my concerns get addressed? What is the point of supporting a political party when that party increasingly dismisses my concerns? There comes a point, my friends in the Republican Party, where (as Reagan once said) it’s not that I’ve left the Party it’s that the Party has left me. Telling me to vote for a guy because he’s not as bad as the other candidate is a long-term losing proposition.

I’m not saying that I am absolutely not voting for Trump. But the argument is wearing extremely thin.