Clinton’s e-mail scandal *is* a big deal, and more.

The ongoing scandal regarding Hillary Clinton’s actions during her tenure as the Secretary of State under President Barack Obama centers of a coupe of large matters. The first is her role in the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya, where US Ambassador Chris Stevens and 3 other men were killed. The facts surrounding this issue remain unknown and will likely stay that way until Obama leaves office just under a year from now. Uncovered during this investigation was the use by Secretary Clinton of a personal e-mail system for her government business and communications. A Wikipedia article on the topic (with all of the normal caveats about the precision of such articles) is located here.

The usual suspects in the Obama administration, in Clinton’s own staff, and in the closely-allied mainstream media (MSM) have all trotted out the tired “right-wing conspiracy” accusations and, in all fairness, the incompetence of the GOP congressional leadership running the investigations prior to the appointment of Congressman Gowdy has allowed Ms. Clinton to skate along basically untouched in this. While I do firmly believe that Obama will instruct his Justice Department to do whatever they need to to avoid holding Clinton accountable under the law, I feel the need to come right out and say what’s on my mind on this.

I hold a federal clearance and I’ve had one for about 15 years, now. I’ve personally used both classified and unclassified communications networks and I’ve had a “.gov” e-mail address for most of my time working in any contact with the federal government. Here is what I can tell you with absolute certainty, as can any other person who’s had a government e-mail account if they are honest:

Every person who is granted access to government e-mail systems is trained, from day 1 and repeated at least once every 6 months, to understand what the do’s and don’ts of using said system entail. We are told, explicitly and emphatically, that the use of personal e-mail systems to conduct government business is absolutely, positively forbidden. Period.

Every person with a clearance that might possibly access actual classified information is also given repeated training on the handling of that information – who can access it, where, how, and what to do if they find that classified data has “spilled” into a system with a lower classification. We are, every one of us, required to sign documentation that we’ve gotten that training and that we’re responsible for the information.

There is no chance – none whatever – that Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State of the United States of America, didn’t get that briefing. She knew full well that what she was doing was explicitly forbidden. And that’s just using that personal e-mail server for her government business. The presence of classified data in those e-mails (and on a system we’re now finding out allowed users to share passwords and access without detection) is no accident. There’s no cut-and-paste between classified systems and unclassified.

If I or any one of the other people I know that work on federal systems had done a tenth of what we already know she’s done, we’d be in jail and there’s no question of that. And this person running for the highest public office we have, who willingly did what was necessary to allow this massive breach of information security, is to be considered a serious contender for even more access to even more sensitive data?

Preposterous. This *is*a big deal and it should be treated like the felony it is.