We’re 2 state primaries and 1 caucus into this process and it’s already done?

See, this is what pisses me off about our nomination process:

They say it’s not over until the fat lady sings. Well,  the Republican fat lady was definitely vocalizing in South Carolina this Saturday and I think I can hear her warming up  Götterdämmerung right now – or is it “Hail to the Chief”?

Truth is, there’s only the slightest hope Donald Trump didn’t essentially wrap up the nomination in this primary.

Seriously? Three states out of 50 have had their say and that’s it? When did Republicans become the bunch of mindless sheep this kind of sentiment implies they are? As I’ve said and written elsewhere, I consider Carly Fiorina to have been the best choice among all of the Republican candidates this year. And, just like in 2008 when I was supporting the late Fred  Thompson, we in Virginia didn’t even get to weigh in on the matter before Carly suspended her campaign. I’m not very happy that so much power in the process is just handed over to the same groups – IA, NH, SC – every damn time. And I’m not buying it this year. Until one of the candidates has won so many delegates that it’s mathematically impossible for another candidate to overtake them, the “Fat Lady” has not started warming up, not for this voter.


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  1. Well, my friend, you are absolutely right: something’s is fundamentally different this election cycle. It isn’t just that we are conceding the nomination to “the Donald” but it’s how he got there! It’s the first time – to my knowledge – that one openly bought the elections!

    I’m discouraged to say the least. This does not speak for the intelligence of the American people, I’m sorry to say ….

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