ABC should bring Carly Fiorina on stage for the debate

Carly Fiorina is, and has been, my first pick among the GOP nomination contenders. She’s clearly smart and a capable leader of large organizations. We need someone with her experience in that field. She’s also pretty solidly conservative and she’s far more focused on getting our federal government’s operations fixed than anyone I’ve run into for a long time. She entered the arena well and generated a lot of interest in that first debate. For reasons I can’t clearly divine, she’s not catching fire like I think should ought to be and it’s not speaking out to turn to say that she’s not running at the head of the pack right now. However, she’s doing better than half of the remaining candidates and that’s why it’s puzzling and irritating that ABC has decided to not invite her to the debate they’re holding this evening. There’s a lot of support for her to be there:

Here’s the back story: Fiorina is up in arms because ABC News is excluding her from Saturday night’s Republican presidential primary debate. According to the criteria, candidates must place among the top six Republican candidates either nationally or in New Hampshire (calculated by polling averages) or have placed first, second or third in Monday night’s Iowa caucuses. Fiorina didn’t do these things, which means she won’t be on the stage. John Kasich and Chris Christie did, however, which means they will be — even though Fiorina technically beat them in Iowa.

Technically? No, no… not “technically.” She did beat them. She got more votes and more delegates than either Kasich or Christie and tied with the GOP establishment’s beknighted Jeb Bush in delegate count. She belongs on that stage because she belongs in the debate as to which candidate best meets the Republican Party’s approval as the standard-bearer into the general election in November. ABC should #LetCarlyDebate!

And with that, I turn the floor over to the Carly for President Campaign: