Prep for battle

In 1867, John Stuart Mill said, “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” That’s true in a number of different contexts, physical and otherwise. It’s also been said before and by a great many people that “we live in troubled times.” This is, I firmly believe, true today and is especially pertinent. Over the past year I have watched events unfold and said very little. I’ve had the normal rigors of handling life’s issues take up a great deal of my time but, in truth, there’s been something else going on; something that I’m come to the conclusion that those proverbial “bad men” are counting on.

I grew tired and discouraged.

Blogger burnout is a real condition and it’s certainly taken its toll.  One of the truths of blogging – of speaking one’s mind, in general, and in whatever medium – is that if you’re not telling your side of the story, then the only side people hear is the other side, not yours. It’s important to speak up, to speak the truth, but it’s also the reality that watching people simply ignore the truth and act in accordance with ignorance and malice will, over time, give one the attitude of “screw it, then.” It gives one the impetus to simply shrug off the good of one’s community, one’s nation, and just concentrate on the day-to-day of one’s own life. To Hell with the idiots that want to run themselves into the ground, one says. Of course, that’s only smart when the idiots aren’t running you into the ground along with them. Or, even, instead of them.

The fact of the matter, I see now, is that we are at war. There are those who seek not to convince me, not to compromise with me and work with me to bring a better future for both of us, which would include me, by the way, but who seek to simply destroy me. They don’t care if I agree with them and they have no desire to have me join them equally. They want only that I shut up, follow their orders without question, and deliver the products of my efforts into their hands to do with as they see fit. Assuming they don’t want me actually dead.

As tiring as it has become to try to talk sense to people who will cheerfully vote into office men and women who clearly lie to us all – and I mean actually lie, as in “deliberately not tell the truth they know to be,” as opposed to the Bush-era, Democrat definition of lie, being “he said something I don’t like” – the fact is that if no one points out the lies to these people they’re never going to wake up. So be it. Time to get back into the battle and press ahead. It’s time to stop simply gritting my teeth in silence and start telling it like it is. No one has given me any credit at all for being tactful, or courteous, or any such thing. In fact, no matter how much I have tried to be professional and civil, most of the people who support the worst of the bad actors in today’s world treat me with contempt. They screech on about tolerance and understanding and demand that they be shown both while offering neither.

Well, I’m done being civil to people who don’t know the meaning of the word. And I’m done being silent regarding those who spew out lies about me and mine. Today was about prepping for battle and I’m going in…