Obama’s Keystone Cops routine.

In this thrilling episode of “Captain Obvious” we see a surprising guest star:

The head of a major labor union is lambasting President Obama over the latest delay on the Keystone XL pipeline, six years after it was initially proposed.

Terry O’Sullivan, leader of the Laborers’ International Union which represents a half-million construction workers, claimed the administration’s announcement on Good Friday that it was putting off a decision, possibly until after the midterms, had politics written all over it.

Gee, ya think?

Last week, the administration announced it is extending a key review period indefinitely – a move that may push off a determination on the final project until after the midterm elections.

“No one seriously believes that the administration’s nearly-dark-of-night announcement last week, on Good Friday, that the pipeline would again be delayed was anything but politically motivated,” O’Sullivan wrote in the April 25 article.

Of course it was politically motivated. There’s absolutely no justifiable reason to not build this pipeline except to score political points with some special interest group or another. In this case, Obama’s getting a first-hand lesson in the adage that you can’t serve 2 masters. Two of his happen to be unions and the we-humans-are-killing-the-planet variety of the environmental  set and they happen to be on opposite sides of this particular debate. But in attempting to mitigate the damage his attempted Washington-two-step maneuver is doing, he’s just making it clear that his one and only interest is in protected as many Democrats as possible. Honestly, if the unions are serious about helping their own out, they shouldn’t believe this clown is their friend. He’s taking their votes for granted and just pushing stuff off until it either can’t hurt Dem re-election chances or he can blame the newly-elected Republican majority. Either way, helping out the unions just isn’t that big a deal to him on this issue.

Listening to the enviro-set you’d think the pipeline was an unattended garden hose, flopping around the yard and spewing crude oil all over the place. We’ve had a pipeline from Alaska for decades and no one seriously worries about its existence today. Keystone wouldn’t even be that long and the terrain and conditions it would be operating in would be quite a bit more forgiving than a lot of the Alaska pipeline gets. That’s not even factoring in the decades worth of improvements in technique, materials, monitoring systems, and response that we can build today. Obama is simply using this issue to do what he like to do best: divide us. I applaud the LIU in this situation and I hope more unions and businesses will find the courage to voice their displeasure with Obama’s usage of our energy policy and economy as a political tool.