Maryland flushes $125M, says their Obamacare site is a failure

So, finally, it’s come down to it. After 4 years of development and $125 million spent, the State of Maryland is admitting that their Obamacare website is an utter failure and needs to just be thrown away.

With just days to go before open enrollment ends on March 31, Maryland officials are reportedly planning to abandon its glitch-ridden ObamaCare website…

Allow me to remind everyone that right up until today – 3 days after they made the announcement – the governor and lieutenant governor are still touting this colossal waste as an achievement. I will also point out that there are far more examples of States that have stood up their own exchanges and have seen them, er, “underperform” than have seen them succeed. The underlying law is bad enough but the sheer incompetence being displayed would be unbelievable did we not have so many examples.
Maryland is now going to have to pay millions more to the contractor that stood up Connecticut’s exchange to have them replicate that system for Maryland’s use. One wonders what Maryland could have spent ttheir funds on, instead. Teachers, perhaps? Police?
This is what Virginia’s governor Terry McAuliffe is holding our budget hostage for, by the way. He is insisting that we Virginians also sign up for this expense, and that we commit to the expansion of our amedicaid system, already an obligation threatening our long-term fiscal stability. We can see, at close range, the results of that choice. We don’t need to repeat the error.