A change in address: HoodaThunk? is moving. (Updated)

In April 2009, almost 5 years ago, I moved from the excellent WordPress.com service to a hosted location. There were reasons for doing so that made a lot of sense at the time and I’ve been happy with our hosted home. Things change, as we all know, and a variety of matters both blog-related and not have brought me to the decision to move again. This time, I’m moving back.

The original HoodaThunk? here at WordPress.com never went away, it just went dormant. I chose to leave it up mostly as a signpost to direct people over to the new location should they find something on a search engine that led them here first. I am in the process of dusting the place off and putting on a fresh coat of paint, as it were, which will include importing as much of the content of the hosted site as I possibly can. I’m working out those details now.

I hope to pick up the pace of my blogging which, sadly, has been seriously lacking lately. There are reasons for that and I hope to go into them in more detail over the coming weeks. For now, suffice it to say that I need to concentrate on making this move.

One item that will be different this time is the notion that the hosted site, www.hoodathunkblog.com, will not be surviving this move. Very shortly after I reactivate the original site, that site will go dark completely. It’s unfortunate but that’s the way it is.

In any case, the re-constituted blog will still be HoodaThunk? but it will be located at hoodathunk.wordpress.com. Look for future content there.

Update: I have decided that the easiest method to handle the transition, now that I’ve imported the last 5 years’ worth of posts, is to simply put a redirect up that brings people back to this site. When I close that other location down for good, the redirect will disappear, too, but this should help get the word out.