New format at HoodaThunk?

So, if you’ve been a long-time reader (or occasional visitor) to this site, you’ve immediately noticed the changes in layout, here. This WordPress theme is called “Twenty Fourteen” and is one of several in the “magazine” style. Let me give you the nickel tour. (Please note that the presentation of this blog over mobile devices uses a different, low-bandwidth-friendly theme so what follows won’t apply there.)

If you’re looking for the search feature, it’s the “magnifying glass” icon up in the top right corner. The small site menu we’ve always had is up there, too, providing links to our “About” page and a disclaimer.

The real changes to the site are below that line. Up at the top is a section that has “featured” content – stories that I believe are important enough to be held out on their own. You’ll usually see 3 of those up there and you can read the stories by clicking on them. One of the little idiosyncrasies of the theme is that stories featured in that section don’t appear in the general post stream below until they’ve been taken out of the feature section.

The left-hand margin contains the links to follow me on the various social media sites I frequent and for our newsfeed. This site is an Amazon Affiliate and I have a couple of widgets below the link section that will lead you to products offered there. The 1st section contains some of the items I’ve bought and had good experiences with. I recommend them, if you find yourself in need of them. If you’re shopping for something else you can search for that item in the widget below. HoodaThunk? generates small amounts of income based on anything you purchase via these links so, if you’re inclined and are already shopping for something on Amazon, your search here would be most appreciated.

The margin on the right shows the post calendar, a spotlight section on sites and organizations that have caught my attention, and a pull-down menu to our archives. (As I’ve mentioned before, I have the archives of my posts dating back into October of 2003, but a lot of that older stuff was written and formatted on a completely different system, so be aware of that if you go strolling down our memory lane.)

Finally, the center section is the running stream of posts. The theme is designed to handle different screen widths and the like and seems to make up its own mind as to how much of a post’s body it displays in this view. Again, just click on the title to read the whole story.

I do have comment sections for each post and a pretty open comment policy. Read about that in the About page at the top.

I’ll continue playing with the theme to try to get things just right. Thanks for coming by and I hope to hear from you!