John Whitbeck wins GOP nomination for VA 33rd Senate seat

John Whitbeck, chairman of the GOP 10th Congressional District Committee, convincingly won the nomination for the party’s candidate in the potential upcoming special election to fill the VA 33rd Senate District seat. The current Senator, Mark Herring (D), is the declared winner of the 2013 VA Attorney General’s race in which he has squeaked out a very tight margin of victory – about 165 votes of 2 million cast. That race has entered a recount to determine the final winner between Herring and Mark Obenshain (R).

If Herring is declared winner after the recount he would, obviously, vacate his Senate seat. In order to be ready for that possibility, interested parties are advancing candidates for a special election that will fill the seat for the remainder of Herring’s Senate term.  The Democrats have already selected Jennifer Wexton for the race and former Republican Joe May has entered as an Independent.

Whitbeck faced opposition from another local Republican, Ron Meyer. Meyer, a communications professional and youth issues activist from Herndon, made an impressive show for one with a very limited resume, garnering 152 of the 550 votes cast, 27.6%. Not bad for someone that many of us had never heard of until a week or so before the meeting.

John Whitbeck’s goal is to be the 21st vote in the Virginia Senate and effectively block the incoming attempt by Gov-elect McAuliffe to expand Obamacare in the Commonwealth. His successful election will serve as a barrier against the steep tax increases and other social agenda items that the incoming administration will be pursuing.

More to come on this…