Decision time: GOP nomination for 33rd VA Senate seat tonight.

Tonight the GOP in the 33rd Senate district in VA will decide who is to represent us in the special election to fill Mark Herring’s seat should he prevail in the statewide Attorney General race. There are 2 candidates so far, John Whitbeck and Ron Meyers.

To be completely honest, I had not even heard of Ron Meyers before I got his campaign flyer in the mail. And, again, to be honest, I have to say I can’t find a compelling reason to offer him my support. It’s not that he’s a bad candidate, it’s just that he’s virtually unknown and pretty much devoid of experience. As much as I’m sour on incumbents these days, the candidate does have to have some relevant experience.

John Whitbeck’s got experience in our local politics and he has the support of several people whose opinions I trust. I home to have some live commentary during the mass meeting tonight, likely via Twiiter. You can find my Twitter feed URL in the “Networks” section ont the left margin of this blog.

See you there!