Obama admits GOP / Obamacare critics were right, responds by showing his dictator stripes yet again

About 45 days ago, in case anyone’s forgotten, one side of the whole Obamacare debate was arguing that this law was not the right approach, that it would result in costs going up, healthcare choices going down, people getting kicked out of insurance plans that they liked and could afford, and that the President’s already-announced delays of parts of the law (something he has no authority to do, by the way) showed that the Administration already knew it wasn’t ready to implement. In exchange for offering these observations, they were called “terrorists”, “hostage takers”, and all manner of epithets to the effect that they were relatively inhuman jackasses who wanted to push old people in wheelchairs off of cliffs.

The Administration, the Democrats in Congress, and others supporting Obamacare were adamant in insisting that it was their way or the highway, that no compromise would be entertained, and that the GOP had to fund all of governments’ activities without a single change to the law or else they would not allow votes on the funding bills the GOP-majority House had already passed. We endured about 2 weeks of “shutdown” over this.

So, quick initial question: will those people who were hurling insults at the GOP over their stance now hold Obama to the same regard? Is Obama now the terrorist, hostage-taking, elderly-killing jackass for suggesting that we now need to do precisely what was suggested 45 days ago? People of integrity would admit that those epithets were wrong and that the suggestions made at the time were, in fact, the correct course of action. The fact that the supporters of Obamacare chose not to see the evidence before them was more a matter of their failing, not the GOP’s. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting…

So now, after 7 weeks of Obamacare’s implementation, as it were, we have the Administration moving the goalposts again and, again, by dictatorial fiat. Insurance companies, says the President, may continue selling insurance plans that are in absolute violation of Obamacare’s edicts for another year. No Congressional vote, no debate, just Obama declaring that the law may be broken with impunity because he says so. And, most recently, the already-delayed employer mandate is being moved back 1 month so the mandated deadline will be – get this – 1 month after the 2014 elections. Wow. What a coincidence.

Obama is in violation of his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, he’s in violation of his explicitly spelled-out duty to see that the laws passed by Congress are faithfully executed. These actions he’s taking will turn around and bite his current supporters in the ass and I will be saying I told them so. The question is just a matter of when.