Herring closer to winning the AG race in Virginia

Word is coming, now, that the canvass over in Fairfax county has uncovered enough votes for Mark Herring (D) that the race has swung in his favor. Given the overwhelming Dem lean in the 8th District, I’m not surprised. I am both concerned and disappointed, however, and I’ve already stated why. Herring doesn’t have the integrity that Ken Cuccinelli has and has already stated that he’s not going to uphold the Virginia Constitution, as passed by the citizens of Virginia. This attitude combined with the Supreme Court’s disastrous decision in Hollingsworth v. Perry (a.k.a. the “California Prop. 8 Ruling”) is going to allow Herring to unilaterally and irrevocably change the Virginia Constitution at his whim.

While his supporters will no doubt cheer him on regarding a number of the Left’s darling causes, it’s a precedent that’s going to come back to bite them in the ass when McAuliffe craters Virginia’s government budget and piles over $1000 a year in new taxes onto the backs of Virginians everywhere. When Governor McBloomberg-Obamacare does what we who opposed his election warned everyone about and the pendulum swings back in 4 years, these people who voted to put Herring in office are going to howl in unison at the merest attempt to wipe out the Constitutional clauses they hold dear.

I wonder if they’ll have the gall to act surprised when we return the favor of not caring.

It’s going to be a rough 4 years in the Old Dominion but my memory won’t fade as they hope it will.


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