Adjustments at HoodaThunk? mostly complete.

Readers can see some fairly visible updates here at HoodaThunk?, mostly in the presentation. We’ve been a basic-blue or grey theme for years and I wanted to change that up a little. I’m still playing with backgrounds so you might see some changes in that from time to time. The background has to play well with the rest of the theme, though, and some of the more intricate patterns tend to screw that up a little.

We’ve got a much simpler theme, here, than in the choices I’ve made in the past. I’m still getting used to that and I might still change that up in the near future but, for now, I think we’ll go with the more Spartan approach. The one item I would like to point out is an invisible one: the workings of the search feature. In the past, a very simple search feature would present results based on the presence of any single search term entered. If you put in the term “airport” for example, any post that contained “airport” in the title or the body would appear. If you put in multiple terms, however, that produced results that included either term. Enter “virginia airport", for example, and you’d get posts that included either “airport” or “virginia” rather than posts that only included both. A new search engine installed today takes care of that problem but will turn the query into an “either/or” situation if the requested terms turn up no hits at all. It should allow a more precise lookup across the years’ worth of posts we have in the archive.

So, enough of the mechanics and, hopefully, back to the analysis. Thanks for staying tuned!