The Unreported Admission of Guilt

It was just 1 month ago that I and several thousand of my fellow professionals that just so happen to toil at agencies of the federal government were, instead, sitting at home, listening to the news, awaiting word as to whether or not the impasse over the funding of the government was going to lift that day. We had been locked out of our jobs for a week at this point and there was not a lot of chance that they were going to let us come back the next day. I would like, very much, to remind everyone what was holding things up at this point.

The Republicans in the House had tried to defund Obamacare and failed. Contrary to what a lot of the media would have you believe, the GOP offered several compromises which the Senate Democrats steadfastly refused to even consider. One of those compromises was to delay the implementation of the law for a year. Senate Democrats: “NO!” All right, said the GOP, how about we delay the individual mandate for a year, like President Obama unilaterally decided to do for the employer mandate. Senate Democrats: “NO!”

The GOP was, literally, called “terrorists” for making the suggestion. They were called all sorts of things and a lot of people I know were all kinds of angry with them. So tell me something: where’s the outrage, now, when the Democrats in Congress are now pushing bills that would do exactly what the GOP proposed doing just a month ago? The shutdown of the government was forced because the Democrats wouldn’t even discuss delaying the implementation of this law, not even a little. And now, when it’s blowing up in people’s faces – precisely as the GOP and several of we who opposed the law said would happen – now they want a delay.

So, now that the Democrats are admitting that what was being proposed a month ago is, in fact, a reasonable and prudent move, do we get an apology from all those people who ascribed malice to those of us who asked for that delay? Can we get a little benefit of the doubt, now, from all of those who were so quick to call us terrorists and worse? And could we get a little mention of this obvious fact by the media? I’m not holding my breath but I would think that reasonable, civil people would be a little slower and more thoughtful next time when something’s proposed that maybe they don’t wanna hear, particularly.