The coming excuses on Obamacare

The reports coming out now about a deal made between Senator Reid (D-NV) and Senator McConnell (R-selloutKY) are talking as if it’s all over with. The Republicans are handing the Democrats everything they want and we’re getting exactly zero in return. There will be no serious talk about the massive overspending being done, the trillions in debt that we are already saddled with nor the trillions more that will be hitting us every year from now on.

The government has control of your healthcare, now, and although many of us tried to keep that from happening it’s a fact of life now. You might not live long enough to regret it, but your kids will.

The excuses, when this disaster-in-progress starts to rain flaming excrement down onto everyone’s head, will come fast and furious and will sound a lot like this:

  1. Those damn Tea Partiers (yeah, we all know they’ll actually say tea-baggers, don’t we?) wouldn’t get with the program and that’s why it’s not working.
  2. If only those asshole Rethuglicans wouldn’t have shut down the government the system would have started up smoothly and it would be great, now.
  3. If only that jackass GOP would see reason and start raising the taxes up enough to do the job, we could have secured the system and all these people wouldn’t be suffering the fraud now!

Well, I’m going on the record with reality right now.

First, the law was passed without a single Republican vote. This law belongs to the Democrats and their supporters. Any problems that come from it are theirs, too.

Second, Obama had complete control of how, where, and when this program rolled out. Any deficiency in it is entirely, 100%, his responsibility. And those Americans who voted to put him in power own their share of that, too.

Last, the law and the program was put in place over the heads of we who opposed it. Our input was ignored and that makes the outcome the work and fault of those who insisted we push this piece of crap ahead.

In the days to come when it blows the hell up and pushes us further into debt and impending bankruptcy, I will not be silent and I will not be accommodating to those who would seek to foist their bad judgment onto we who warned them that this was a bad idea. I have no illusions that any of them will have the honor, integrity, or maturity to own up to their mistake. But I’m on record.