Poll finds most people claim “likeability” is no driver in elections. In other words, most people lie when taking polls.

Says this story on NBC:

Very little is certain, says Franklin, except that the center is hungry for a change — and unlikely to be fooled by charm or guile. Remember the idea that people voted for President Bush because he was the one they most wanted to have a beer with? That is over if it ever existed. In the dark aftermath of a 10-year-war and a 5-year economic malaise, only 28 percent percent of the center says likeability matters when casting a vote.

The issues are once again all people see.

Riiiight. The “issues.” That’s why the same people who grouse about “negative campaigns” and being disgusted at the state of politics continue to vote for incumbents and actually buy into the outright lies spewed forth by certain candidates for office. That’s why people continue to swallow whole the provably untrue scaremongering over debt ceilings.

I think people like to make the claim that they are all about the issues because, honestly, that’s the more sophisticated, intelligent stance. The problem comes when they have to uphold that stance and won’t.

We’ll see how much the real issues concern people soon enough…