House GOP leadership attempting to cave, Boehner losing control and cohesion

I think it’s pretty clear that the GOP leadership, never really that supportive of the effort required to stand for the principles of small government and fiscal conservatism, were pretty much just going through the motions during these past 15 days. The words is in, now, that they have all but given in completely to the Democrats’ demands to just cough up whatever funding they’re told to. The Republicans will get nearly nothing in concessions from the Democrats who will now feel completely emboldened to do as they please, knowing full well that the GOP lacks the stomach to do a damned thing about it.

In the late hours of Tuesday, 10/15/2013, the deal was apparently all but set. True conservatives among the Republicans – and we can see clearly now that those 2 labels are not nearly synonymous – have balked at what looks to be the complete knuckling-under of Speaker Boehner and have thrown the whole deal and process into chaos. Knowing that they will not stand for the values they claimed to hold when elected, I find myself without sympathy for the Republicans in leadership. I am fast losing any sympathy for the Americans who have supported the Democrats and overlooked their clear part in all of this.

Case in point: one of the parts of the deal the GOP was to offer was to rescind the special deal that Congress and their staff was to get, effectively waiving Obamacare for them. Without even seeing the details, President Obama vowed to veto any bill that contained such an element. To be clear, that means Obama wants to make sure that Congress doesn’t have to live by the same rules we do; he’s making sure they get to ignore the edicts of Obamacare that the rest of us are now required to follow under pain of fines and arrest. He vows to veto this and he’ll get no grief for it from people who grumble that Congress should be held to the same standards as the rest of us.

There will be no stopping this now. The people who will be caught in the morass of mistakes Obamacare is comprised of and those whose lives and credit ratings are about to be shredded over it are as good as hit. They’ll be statistics to these people who blind themselves to the Democrats’ ineptitude – an “oh, gee, that’s too bad” moment and very little else. I will do what I can to defend myself and my family (and I have resources and knowledge that will serve me in this) but as to the rest… I suggest they take it up with the people chanting Obama’s name.

As for the GOP… you ain’t very grand in my eyes. I have to wonder if Rome knew at the very moment they were slipping past the point of no return or if it surprised them months later. I have to wonder is the Republicans have simply become accustomed to having the support of anyone who doesn’t think that everyone else’s money should be taken for what a small few think is a better path. I have to wonder if they simply assume that they’ll get the votes of those who think personal responsibility should be foremost, that government shouldn’t try to be all things to everyone. And I have to wonder if they think that what happened to the Whigs can’t happen to them.