Democratic Party of Virginia engages in deceit and outright lies yet again

Another election and yet another example of the Democratic Party of Virginia showing their true title of “Deceiver Party of Virginia” all over again. The latest target is our Delegate to the General Assembly here in the 34th District, Barbara Comstock. They may not be exactly a one-trick pony but they sure don’t have many plays in the book, which is why they spend their time accusing Barbara – Barbara – of being, basically, anti-woman. The ads are coming, fast and furious, in the mail and you just almost can’t believe they’d be such bald-face liars. But, here we go.

The latest set of ads just hammer away, accusing Barbara of attempting to ban birth control and fertility treatments, of voting to deny cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood, and forcing mandatory ultrasounds on rape victims. Ooooo, can’t you just feel the hatred for women coming out of this… um… woman. The problem with the Deceiver Party’s ads is the same problem it was in 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009… you get the idea. They lie. No, no, I don’t mean that they stretch the truth, although there’s a lot of that going on, too. And I don’t mean that they just pass along incorrect information. I mean they know full well that what they’re claiming about their opponents is dead wrong and they say it’s a fact anyway. The deal is this: they’re counting on voters to be too lazy, too busy, or too close to being driven deaf by their endless untruths that they won’t go and actually check what they say.

So let me help you out with that.

Claim #1: Comstock voted yes “on banning most common and FDA-approved forms of birth control” and voted yes “on banning common fertility treatments. The bills they reference in small type down there at the bottom are HB1440 in the 2011 session and HB1 in the 2012 session. Both HB1440 and HB1 were casually called “personhood” bills; in fact, both were officially titled, “Unborn children; construing the word "person" under Virginia law to include.” You will note the distinct lack of the terms “ban,” “birth control,” or “fertility.” I have read both bills in their entirety and invite you to do the same. You’ll see what I’ve seen – in neither case was anything being banned, period. The laws sought to codify into Virginia law that every child at every stage of development was to be considered a person enjoying the rights and protections of any other citizen of the Commonwealth. There is precisely nothing in that law that restricts birth control or any fertility treatment, common or otherwise, that didn’t somehow break the law on its own. Not a single treatment or method was even so much as called out, let alone banned. The DPV put that text onto their ads, they know what those laws say. And they know what they don’t say, too – and that makes this statement a lie, by its textbook definition.

Claim #2: Comstock voted yes “to mandatory trans-vaginal ultrasounds, even for rape victims.” The bill, this time, was HB462 in the 2012 session, titled, "Abortion; informed consent, shall undergo ultrasound imaging, exceptions.” That bill called for, “…as a component of informed consent to an abortion, to determine gestational age, every pregnant female shall undergo transabdominal ultrasound imaging and be given an opportunity to view the ultrasound image of her fetus prior to the abortion.” Again, please go have a look at the bill. Now, right off the bat, you’ll likely notice something rather glaring. The language the DPV uses is very specific in what kind of ultrasound is called for – a “trans-vaginal” ultrasound. The language of the bill says “transabdominal.” As a man, I have to admit I didn’t know the difference and thought it was likely the terms are interchangeable. They’re not. The two processes are quite different approaches and the DPV deliberately used the term that 1) references the lady parts they’re trying to scare voters into believing all Republicans are out to steal or ban and 2) would be considered the more invasive procedure, I would imagine particularly so in the case of a rape victim. So, that’s little lie #1 in this claim. The law is quite specific and the DPV knows that. They’re trying to use terms they know will make people uncomfortable rather than use the actual language of the bill as passed.

The bill is also very specific about two other items: why the procedure is being required and that the woman undergoing the procedure is, in no way, required to view the ultrasound image. It’s also clear that there are exceptions to the time frame involved – the normal 24 hours prior to abortion the imaging is to be done is shortened to 2 hours in the event that the woman lives over 100 miles away. Abortions performed as a response to a medical emergency are immune from this requirement. The woman is to be offered the opportunity to see the image, taken for the purposes of diagnosis and determination of the gestational age, she is to be offered the chance to hear the fetal heartbeat, and, if the gestational age can’t be determined from the transabdominal image, she is to be offered the chance to undergo alternate ultrasound techniques. She is completely free to refuse any or all of those opportunities at her discretion and with no argument permitted by any of the staff.

That’s what the bill was about and that’s a level of detail the DPV would prefer voters not have. It’s just so much easier to lie outright and lie by omission.

Claim #3: Comstock voted no “on cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood clinics.” This bill was HB1500 in the 2013 session but don’t go looking for a bill that’s titled “Permit cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood.” HB1500 is the huge budget bill for the Commonwealth and is over 500 pages long. The item in question is an amendment, specifically 295 #2h. (Click on that link then search in your browser for “295” and you’ll get there.) Basically, the amendment directed $200,000 “shall be used to provide breast and cervical cancer screenings” at Planned Parenthood organizations around the DC area.

Pretty cut-and-dry and, sure, Barbara Comstock voted “no” on this one. What the DPV is hoping is that voters won’t go any further and ask “why?” From my perspective it’s more a matter of to whom the funding was going as opposed to the implication made by the DPV that Barbara is somehow against cancer screenings. (A ludicrous thought.) Planned Parenthood does a lot more than provide “cancer screenings” and I don’t think anyone is unfamiliar with their abortion operations. PP has also been in the news in recent years being caught on tape giving out advice to someone they thought was, literally, a pimp, assisting him in arranging and continuing his prostitution business using girls they were told were underage. (And they, themselves, determined that the matter was accurately reported enough that they fired people over it.) In my view, that’s a matter of asking someone to vote to publicly fund an organization with some clear issues of trust and oversight. That’s a judgment call and, while I can
t confirm this was what Barbara Comstock had in mind during her vote, it’s reasonable to vote no when you don’t trust the entity asking for the funds. The DPV would love it if people just wouldn’t think that deeply about it.

Taken as a whole, these ads from the DPV are just more of the same mudslinging, deceptive practice they’ve been showing for the past 5 years. It’s the same approach used by their candidates who are pretty much flip-flopping all over the place to run away from their own record and publicly-stated positions, misrepresenting and outright lying about the positions of their Republican opponents, and dodging every serious question presented to them. Like their candidates, the DPV is deeply unserious and when they have to resort to this kind of charlatan propaganda it’s just the shape of things to come if their candidates get elected.

Barbara Comstock is a solid elected representative, very concerned about the well-being and success of her constituents all across the 34th District. She has done an exemplary job in office and will continue to do so. She’s worthy of our votes. Please join me in re-electing Barbara Comstock as Delegate of the 34th District.