NRA’s Firearms For Freedom: firearms donations that let you speak your 2nd Amendment values

In my latest issue of 1st Freedom magazine there’s an article by Wilson Phillips, the Treasurer of the NRA talking about 12 things supporters of 2nd Amendment rights can do to secure freedom in America. The list is a pretty good one but there were a couple of interesting items on there I didn’t know about.

The NRA has a program called Firearms For Freedom that accepts donated firearms from folks who need to clear out some room in their gun safes. The guns are either taken in my the National Firearms Museum (if they’ve got potential as exhibits) or go up for auction and proceeds fund various NRA programs. This is a good way for gun owners to clear out unused guns. It would also be something good to keep in mind as a bit of advice for people who find themselves owning a gun they never intended or wanted – and by that I mean a gun left behind in the estate of a deceased family member. There’s been a couple of those situations in my life and I wish I’d known about this program then so I could have made the suggestion.

The auction part of the FFF site offers those interested in buying a gun a selection of well-kept, used firearms that might differ a bit from the inventory of your local gun store. If nothing else, it’s an interesting area to browse! I notice that they have quantities of ammunition for bidding, too. As of this morning, they had several rifles, a Colt M1911A, and even a Mauser Model 1896.

Oh, and just a quick note about another item in the article I mentioned. The 2014 NRA Annual Meeting & Exhibits will be held in Indianapolis, IN on April 24-27. If you’ve never been, give it some thought!