McAuliffe’s supposed credentials for success coming into question from every angle

Wow, tough week for Democrat candidate for Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe:

The New York Times reports McAuliffe’s own business partner thinks he’s “dangerous” to go into business with and wishes he hadn’t made the mistake himself.

Here’s a WaPo story showing how McAuliffe’s GreenTech has fallen far, far short of the promised economic impact McAuliffe trumpeted as proof of his business bona fides.

The Associated Press agrees with that assessment, pointing out that the site where a plant was supposed to be churning out American-made electric cars is still “mostly vacant" and the jobs touted by McAuliffe were never created.

The Washington Times confirms that report and points out that the firm is under two federal investigations.

In fact, the Washington Post’s editorial board is suspicious that GreenTech has never been anything but a “visa mill” for Chinese Nationals.

The New York Times joins the WaPo in that suspicion, highlighting the fact that GreenTech relied on the money-for-visas program called “EB-5” for most of its funding.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch accuses McAuliffe of attempting to run from his record at GreenTech, pointing out that his campaign billed it at the top of his list when they started but trying to ignore it completely now that it’s raising questions.

Even Democrats are voicing concerns over this. Virginia’s Democrat strategist “Mudcat” Saunders reports that Dems all over the state are questioning McAuliffe’s role in GreenTech and their activities that are now attracting federal inquiries.

While Terry McAuliffe is flip-flopping on issues and dodging his own record, Ken Cuccinelli is articulating a vision for Virginia’s continuing growth and improvement. Virginia does not need a snake-oil salesman in the Governor’s seat, a man more interested in lining the pockets of his cronies and himself than in the best interests of the Commonwealth. We need Ken Cuccinelli, Mark Obenshain, and E.W. Jackson in 2013!

(Special thanks to the Republican Party of Virginia for this round-up!)