For the state, presumption of innocence is now a luxury granted.

There’s going to be a lot more coming from me on the matter of the Zimmerman trial but something ongoing demands more immediate comment. I’m watching the prosecution team engaging in behavior more reminiscent of the Hatfields and the McCoys than in what we should be expecting out of our states’ attorneys. Mark Steyn writes:

America — or, at any rate, its politico-media establishment — is apparently at ease with the notion that a “not guilty” verdict is no longer the end of the matter but merely the end of Round One, with civil suits, federal prosecution, and a war-crimes trial at the Hague still to come.

Having brought murder charges against George Zimmerman and then, with a sympathetic judge and even violating discovery process, failing to even come close to proving those charges Angela Corey still gets on national TV and calls him a murderer. She clearly has no faith in our justice system. She shouldn’t be working in it.