GOP “strategists” and pundits need to clean out their ears on Republicans’ attitude on immigration

I grow tired of listening to alleged Republican pundits and strategists cluck on about how we Republicans just need to come to grips with the idea that immigration isn’t a bad thing and we’re just gonna have to accept that granting amnesty is the only way for the party to survive. All of this nonsense is predicated on the notion that Republicans are anti-immigration. That, in turn is predicated on the notion that someone who sneaks over the border and evades both our immigration process and our law enforcement agencies are, somehow, immigrants.

I reject both assertions, vigorously.

I have many, many friends and co-workers who are direct immigrants to the United States. They are, by any measure, good people and excellent additions to our country. I approve of their arrival and (in most of the cases where they’ve actually become naturalized) their induction in to the US citizenry. I look forward to seeing more of them take that step and join us. Virtually every Republican I know feels exactly the same way. We are not anti-immigration in any way, shape, or form and the constant carping of people announcing the doom of our party because we’re “restrictionists” is virtually fingernails-on-the-chalkboard because of how very, very cluelessly wrong they are.

I have long had a huge problem referring to illegal aliens as “illegal immigrants” or, worse yet, “undocumented workers” because they are not immigrants. Immigrants come to a different country following the immigrations laws and process of that country. Those that don’t are trespassers, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is illegal. You don’t fix the problem by deciding to change the definitions or, in Orwellian fashion, deliberately using language that doesn’t accurately describe the situation. I and many of my fellow Republicans are absolutely against illegal entry into this nation by any foreign national and I refuse to wear some “I Hate Immigration” button for feeling that way.

The problem so-called “immigrant” communities have with the GOP’s position on things isn’t because we feel the way we do, it’s because Democrats are lying about how we feel and so-called Republican pundits are buying into that fiction. True immigrants understand very well the concept of unfairness and no matter how you slice it, allowing someone who got here because they flipped our laws the virtual bird to stay here, live here, and work here when someone else who’s following the law waits it out in a Third World country is not fair, not even close. You want to have the debate on whether our immigrations laws need changing that’s fine but that, my friends, is a separate issue to be undertaken by the citizens of this country. Those here illegally ought not to have a voice in that debate.

My stance on my support for immigrations and my opposition to illegal entry are well documented and have been available on this blog for 8 years. Feel free to have a look at the most recent renewal right here if you like.