Well, how do YOU say it?

So, do you take “coo-pon” to go buy a case of “pop” or do you take a “cyoo-pon” to go buy a case of “soda?” And does your dessert contain “car-mel” or “care-ah-mel,” “pee-cans” or “pee-cahns?” This interesting item shows you where in the country the pronunciations and terms usages like this are used.

Is it soda or pop? PEE-can or pick-AHN? Coo-pon or cyu-pon? You likely have opinions on each of these questions — very strong opinions, opinions you would fight to the death to defend!

Joshua Katz, a Ph.D student in the Department of Statistics at NC State University, understands. He’s just published a fascinating set of maps that show the different ways Americans pronounce these much-debated words and phrases, taken from data collected by Bert Vaux of Cambridge University.

I found this one to be fascinating, largely because it turned out to be very true where I was concerned. Looking at where I was growing up, these maps accurately predict how I’ll pronounce these things and what terms I use. One example: here in northern Virginia, that sugary carbonated beverage is a “soda.” Being from the Ohio/Indiana area, though, I can’t stop thinking “pop” when I see one!