VA 33rd House of Delegate seat: Dave LaRock is the better choice

I’m not in the 33rd House of Delegates district in Virginia but part of me wishes I were this year. 20-year incumbent Joe May is being primaried and, to my neighbors next door in the 33rd, I have to say it’s time for new representation.

I don’t really want to tear down Joe May. By all accounts he’s a nice guy and I have a deep appreciation for people at this level of government who step up and run to serve in office. Mr. May is no exception in my appreciation, at least as far as that goes. But there has been a remarkable string of positions taken, votes made, and general advocacy expressed by Joe May regarding matters that I, as a Republican, find at the least puzzling and at the worst outrageous. Honestly, this is becoming a case of “with friends like this, who needs enemies?”

Most recently and most disappointingly for people calling for more fiscal responsibility and less expansive government, Joe May joined in with other northern Virginia Delegates to vote in support of a massive tax hike. His positions regarding the gun rights of Virginians are, frankly, appalling. When faced with a bill offered to support efforts to mitigate Lyme disease – something that has affected us here in northern Virginia very specifically, he not only couldn’t muster the will to co-sponsor it like the other Loudoun Delegates did (and thank YOU to Barbara Comstock, my own Delegate, for your key efforts in that bill!), he actually voted against it! So, I have to ask my fellow Republicans over in the 33rd: if the man looking for your support is advocating higher taxes as opposed to restraining government excesses and seeking to curtail your exercise of your right to keep and bear arms, why are you considering him as someone supporting your views? Again, by all accounts he’s a nice guy, but is that really the defining factor of sending someone to the General Assembly to vote in your stead? Let’s just call this situation for what it is – Mr. May has overstayed his welcome in that seat and now, when faced with a truly serious contender, he’s starting show that he’s grown to feel entitled to it. It’s time to thank Mr. May for his service and release him to pursue other endeavors.

Dave LaRock is running for the HOD-33 seat and he offers representation that truly supports the Republican stances on the important issues of the day. I know it’s the conservative nature to consider any course correction very, very carefully. But corrections are necessary to stay true to your goals and not drift into places you don’t want to be. Dave LaRock will support the 33rd well in the General Assembly and he needs the support of the 33rd in return. The primary is Tuesday the 11th and, I believe, early/absentee voting is still available today, Saturday the 8th. Make the effort for Dave LaRock and he’ll return that effort for you.

Dave LaRock for Delegate, Virginia’s 33rd House of Delegates district!



  1. Ric, it isn’t my district either, but I would refer you to this:

    because this is the person you just endorsed, and the same tactics have been used throughout the race to tell partial truth in creative ways to distort positions, votes taken (some on poorly written bills that do not necessarily deserve blind support simply because they have God, gay or gun in them), and ratings from various groups.

    People in the 33rd have every right to seek new representation, but simply because someone IS doesn’t make that person Jesus (nor May Hitler, as some have said on the LCRC fb page), especially after their history of bad behavior and downright dishonesty in past activism.

  2. p.s.–your church was not spammed this time because you are outside of the district. Others were.

  3. Excellent post Hooda! Very well said. Joe May does not represent the interests of the people who live in the 33rd district, nice as he may be.
    Barbara, people in the 33rd aren’t stupid. We can read the bills that Joe has voted on and the votes he cast. The Lyme Bill was not difficult. Every other delegate from Loudoun supported it, except for Joe May. Joe chose to stand with the hospital lobby that funds Joe May’s runs for office, rather than with the people of his district. He stood for a massive new tax increase without one single new road proposed in his district, again, against the people in his district. We will be the ones paying the $6.2 BILLION in new taxes.
    We can always count on Barbara to stand tall for the establishment candidate, regardless!

  4. Wow, Barbara, where to start? The post you linked was specifically in reference to papering the cars of people who were in church at the time – AND they did so anonymously, with no contact information listed on the flyers. You’re claiming that Mr. LaRock did that? Where? When? And if it was anonymously, how do you know it was him?

    As for the rest – I’ve seen Mr. May’s vote record with my own eyes, specifically regarding several 2nd Amendment issues and his support for the massive tax increase in the transportation bill. How is it a distortion or half truth to say that he voted the way he did? How is that misleading to state that he didn’t support the Lyme Bill with Barbara Comstock? It’s not, plain and simple, and that may not look good for Mr. May but that’s the truth. As for your Jesus comment – you’re not even making sense so perhaps you should leave the Lord out of it until you have your statement fully thought thru?

    Good luck.

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