Speedbump candidate in VA-32?

Next door in VA’s House of Delegates 32nd District an “Independent” candidate has just filed to run against Republican Tag Greason. Does this person think they’re better for the job? Do they have a different vision to articulate, something to differentiate themselves from Delegate Greason? Some kind of experience or skill to bring to the job that Greason does not?


Ashburn resident and former member of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee Elizabeth Amy Miller this week formalized her challenge to Republican Del. Thomas A. “Tag” Greason for the House of Delegates 32nd District.

Miller said in an interview Tuesday that could not fathom the idea of Greason not facing a challenger for a second straight election. Greason first won office after defeating then-incumbent David Poisson.

“I am constitutionally opposed to him running unopposed for a second time,” Miller said, specifically pointing to Greason’s support of a bill that requires women seeking an abortion to first undergo an ultrasound. “It’s unacceptable that he has no challenger, so I’m stepping up.”

So, Miller doesn’t have anything to really bring to the table. She’s not suggesting she can do better, she’s just “constitutionally opposed” to seeing Greason run unopposed. Terrific. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Candidate Speedbump. Ms. Miller is the wife of former Loudoun Supervisor and failed Delegate candidate Stevens Miller. Mr. Miller, you may recall, got pounded by Delegate Tom Rust in 2009, losing by 8 percentage points. While I am perfectly fine with Ms. Miller stepping into the political ring this year, she’s not off to a rousing start at providing convincing evidence that she’s either qualified or terribly interested in performing the job of representing the 32nd in the General Assembly.

It is interesting, isn’t it, that she’s filed as an Independent. She and her husband were Democrats – Stevens Miller ran for the Board as a Democrat and was the Democrat candidate in 2009 in his loss to Rust – but apparently, something’s happened:

However, Miller and her husband had a falling out with the LCDC a few years ago, resulting in a rift she hopes to overcome.

“I don’t see that being a big issue. We’re still talking, working things out,” she said. “What’s important to Democrats in Loudoun County is that their representatives keep their minds on the business of governing and making sure people are protected and not intruded upon in their personal lives.”

Well, given the IRS is intruding on the lives of Tea Party and conservative groups while the Justice Department is intruding on the lives of journalists who don’t provide the fawning coverage they’re used to all while under the administrative control of Democrats, I can certainly see the appeal in not having the big “D” next to one’s name on the ballot. Still, isn’t it just a bit presumptuous that a person who can’t even be bothered to actually, you know, join a particular political party would start telling the members of that party what’s supposed to be important to them? So, which is it, Ms. Miller – are you a Democrat or not? And what about it, Democrats? Can’t you even find one of your own to run against Greason, if that’s really important?

We have real issues to deal with in the Commonwealth, and dealing with them isn’t going to be helped by providing a vanity office to the wife of a former pol who thinks the most important thing in the race is that somebody provide another checkbox on the ballot.