It should be with a unified voice that the American people demand answers and accountability over the IRS

In case you’ve missed it, the IRS has admitted that its agents have deliberately targeted for increased scrutiny, outright harassment, and unjustified delay conservative groups with real or imagined connections to the Tea Party and the like. In short, they have explicitly come out as being precisely the dangerous, civil-rights-trampling, overreaching governmental power abuser that these groups have been saying they’ve been all along.

Like the man says, it ain’t paranoia if they’re really out to get ya. And “out to get” them, the IRS definitely was. Perhaps still are.

It’s not a matter of “alleged” and it’s not a matter for all the lovely weasel words people like to use to try to throw some doubt on things that look bad for their team. The IRS broke the law, broke the public trust, and absolutely, undeniably violated the civil rights of conservative groups for at least the last 3 years. Even when they were caught and figured they had to get out in front of the story, breaking the news themselves the Friday before a Treasury Department Inspector General (IG) report came out, they couldn’t bring themselves to be honest and up front. They tried to pawn it off as a matter of a couple of rogue agents in some midwest office doing stuff outside of procedure. But the reports, when actually read, detail a lot more than just a couple of yahoo’s getting their MoveOn on. Forced into actually addressing the matter than his own administration is guilty of this scandal – and we’re still looking into that pesky little matter of an Ambassador being attacked and simply abandoned to his fate in Benghazi, by the way – Obama got on the TV and announced that the acting IRS Commissioner was resigning, supposedly over this breach of the public’s trust. Of course, he didn’t mention that said Commissioner was already resigning and was going to be gone in 30-45 days anyway.

A lot more than this needs to happen and it needs to happen both swiftly and very, very publicly. The GOP in Congress aren’t going to let it go, of course, but I have to ask: where’s the outrage on the Left? Are there no Democrats or supporters of Obama that are willing to stand up and loudly call this outrage an outrage? Are there none over there that see that this kind of governmental abuse is the kind of civil rights violations they’ve been complaining about for years?

Faced with this, the White House promises action. White House Press Mouthpiece Secretary Jay Carney, speaking of the President:

"He wants to see that the actions taken, as revealed by the Treasury report, that are inappropriate, are met with consequences," Carney said. "He will make clear to Treasury Department leaders that he expects action."

Carney said Obama wants the public to "understand and believe that the IRS applies our tax laws in a neutral and fair way to everyone."

Yeah, we’d like to understand and believe that, too. Except that it isn’t so it’s not unreasonable to not believe that. If the White House would like the public to feel this way, then the White House needs to demonstrate that the IRS is absolutely going to apply our tax laws in a neutral and fair way and the people responsible for it not doing so cannot be left in a position where they could do this again.

Honestly, all Americans should be up in arms about this, not just Republicans. And we should all be making sure we say that loudly enough that our representatives can hear.


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