Still more that we don't know than do about the Boston bombing "suspect"

With the capture of the second bomber we are now in a position to be far more deliberate and thorough in moving the investigation forward. We know a lot more now than we did just 3 days ago but there’s more we need. There’s also some stuff we don’t need.

This may sound premature but I don’t need to know, courtroom-style, whether he and his brother performed the attack. I am completely confident that they did, so you won’t see me continuing to use the term “alleged”when referring to them. We also already know that both of them were Chechen Muslims and that they drew upon their Islamic doctrine when planning this attack.

Were they operating alone? Did they have other targets or attacks planned? Were they receiving assistance from abroad? Domestically?

So, contests to the Boston PD and to the watchful citizen who called it in. Now, let’s remain patient and complete the investigation.