Ricin-laced letter sent to Senator, to White House. Arrest made in Mississippi.

A letter that was sent to Senator Wicker (R-MS) tested positive for ricin, an extremely powerful poison. The alert was raised when the letter went through the off-site mail handling facility that checks each and every letter and package destined for Congress. A similar letter mailed to President Obama has been reported, as well.

The FBI arrested Paul Kenneth Curtis in Tupelo, MS today and, although the charges haven’t been made public as of this writing, it seems clear that they believe he’s responsible for the letters. I am certainly awaiting the details as to what Curtis had a particular beef with. His sending of a poison-lace letter through the mail did quite a bit more than put the President and the Senator in danger, although it certainly did that. The mail-handling personnel at the federal facility had to come in contact with it, but so, too, did a number of postal employees along the path the letters took. I certainly hope all of them are ok.

My congrats to the FBI’s investigators on this one and I hope this brings this particular issue to a close. I’ll post more as more becomes available.