Testing new writing software

Testing a new bit of blogging editor software. (Well, new to me, anyway.) Please stand by…

The thoughts and commentary coming from this blog are mine and mine alone. When I quote someone else, I say so. When my prose is my analysis of the facts, as opposed to the facts, I make it clear. I speak for no one and no organization but me on this blog. Period. End of story.

There you go. Ethics covered. For those of you who have come looking for this – and we both know who you are – my stance on my writings here is why I’ve chosen to reveal the facts about me that I have and to not reveal those I haven’t. That decision stands and is not open for debate. I do thank you for your interest in blogging and your understanding as to why people engage in this hobby. Stick around, have a look, join in a conversation. I’ll be here… and here’s looking at you.

One additional matter is the subject of the monetization features of this blog. I sell links to advertisers. In no way is this practice to be considered an endorsement of any product, process, practice, or position. If I’m endorsing anything I’ll say it explicitly. The links to advertisers are offered as a service to my readers. Click on them as you see fit.

That’s a quote. Let’s link a pic, here:

Test Pic

Let’s give this a go..