An update on Indian Affairs and a thank-you nod to a helpful reader

I received an e-mail recently from a helpful reader who pointed out a broken link on a previous post (something I’ll be posting a bit more on, here, in just a moment) and I wanted to both call out her kindness and pass along the update. The post was actually one of HoodaThunk?’s all-time largest draws. Back in December 2007 I wrote about a story telling of how the Lakota Indians were unilaterally withdrawing from all treaties currently in place between the Lakota and the United States. It’s an interesting story, still, even though things didn’t pan out for the people who were trying to make that move and, indeed, the man responsible for the announcement has since passed away.

The reader, Amy Green, found the post and noted that the link I had to the Bureau of Indian Affairs was broken. She also provided a link to a recent story telling how the Dept. of the Interior (the parent agency of the BIA) had recently settled a class-action lawsuit with Native Americans over royalties owed them but unpaid for roughly 100 years. Again, it’s an interesting read particularly if you’ve never heard of any of this stuff.

The broken link Amy referred to was to the BIA who, apparently, moved to their own domain after being a part of the DoI’s website. Their site is, in case you’re interested.

The relationship between the US and the Indian nations has, of course, been a rather fractious one but the treatment they’ve received over the past 5 or 6 decades is pretty well inexcusable. While several tribes have managed to turn themselves around by taking advantage of their legal position to make gambling casinos (and some very lucrative ones, at that) there are those that haven’t. I’m not suggesting that we owe every one of them the same lifestyle as the Mohegan or the Pequot have managed for themselves but we should certainly pay them what we agreed.

Thank you, Amy, for bringing this to my attention.


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