The conversation about guns, a multipost series: Introduction.

Over the past 3 weeks the nation has been been working through the grieving process over the tragic mass shooting of children and teachers at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Sadly, there has also been a great number of the usual people – mostly on the Left, politically – who have leapt to try to use the shooting to their advantage to push political agendas that they have been unable to advance through reasoned debate. Unlike those people who were calling for this or that legislation within hours, and sometimes moments, of the attack itself I and many of my fellow advocates of 2nd Amendment rights chose to withhold our arguments and commentary during a decent interval to allow the families of the victims time to bury their fallen.

Even this act of respect was used as a political attack. The silence was to be considered a realization that we who weren’t screaming for knee-jerk reactions were somehow responsible for the acts of a demented and arguably evil man. The time had come, it was said, for a serious conversation on guns and there had to be a meaningful dialog rather than just some craven avoidance of the dark forces of the NRA.

These people who have jumped to use this tragedy to their own political advantage have had their say. Now I get mine. They have spewed forth a cloud of confusing and unsupported accusations and badly reasoned "conclusions." That makes a response in a single and focused post difficult, considering how their commentary seems designed to keep shifting the goalposts and to evade staying on point. So, this topic will be addressed here in a series of posts, each discussing a coherent topic within this debate. This will not be an exhaustive reference on the matter of the right to keep and bear arms nor on criminal activity but will assume some familiarity with recent and historical events related to this topic. It will also assume some familiarity with the vocabulary, so if you see a term you don’t recognize you should look that up at a resource you trust.

As day-to-day events occur, I might be interjecting posts on topics not related to this conversation. In order to allow readers to easily get to all of the posts in this series, I will updating this post with links to each of the parts of the series as they are published. Stay tuned.

Part 1, Having a "meaningful" conversation.

Part 2, Restricted rights.

Part 3, Bans only harm the law-abiding.

Part 4, “Gun-Free zones” do not work.



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