New Year, new engagement, new efforts

Welcome to the new year. So this is what life after the end of the world looks like. Who knew?

2012 was certainly a year of ups and downs, and plenty of the latter. It’s no secret that the elections didn’t turn out the way I wanted to see them go and I do believe that 2013 is going to start making the ramifications of that bad collective decision apparent. A near-constant media demonization of conservatives in general, Republicans in particular, gun owners, and pretty much anyone who doesn’t march to the leftward, so-called “progressive” drumbeat has merely coarsened the national debate. The divisions between Americans are more greatly emphasized and in greater number than at any point in my life. Some of those divisions – outright racism of the kind Rosa Parks lived with – may have gotten better overall, but the constant, knee-jerk accusation of racism as a method of demonizing one’s political opponent has poisoned the well of discourse. Everyone’s going to have to work harder to show they’re actually interested in having serious conversations if that’s to be repaired.

Yes, that includes me, but I’m not suggesting nor promising a unilateral action. Any of those on the left who have been so quick to call me a terrorist (yes, I’m talking to all of you “gun-control” advocates), a racist (see above), anti-immigrant, anti-woman, etc., etc., are going to have to show me that that’s going to stop. They may feel free to not do that, but the onus for the continued deadlock and dearth of serious debate will lie on their shoulders from this day forward.

The aforementioned gun-control crowd has taken Rahm Emanuel’s maxim of never letting a good crisis go to waste to heart since the Newtown, CT tragedy and have attempted to stampede people into giving up their rights using a plethora of emotional appeals. I’ve listened to it now for a month and I have a number of responses to their claims and assertions. Those will be coming in the next several days.

As of this morning, the so-called fiscal cliff has had a new set of scaffolding built out on it so as to allow Congress and the President to kick the can further down the road. I disapprove but I don’t believe the Republicans in the Senate give a crap what I and other fiscal conservatives think. I’m certain that John Boehner doesn’t. As any other American is allowed, I will have my say on the matter.

Virginia’s electing a new governor this year and our General Assembly is up for re-election as well. 2013 will be a busy year in the Old Dominion.

Matters not dealing with politics such as improvements in technology (would you buy a self-driving car for your family?), science (how ’bout them Mars rovers!?), energy and the environment (thorium power, baby!) are all matters of interest and it’s time to speak on them. It’ll be fun.

So, Happy New Year and the best to you and yours. HoodaThunk? is making a new resolution and it starts right here, today.