Decision 2012: The "Likeability Factor"

In roughly 37 days we Americans will once again be called upon to determine who will lead our republic. The President is our visible presence to the world, the chief executive of the operating agencies of our government, the commander-in-chief of our military and, unique in our system of government, the sole person in one of the 3 branches of our counterbalancing governing body.

It’s a tough job and while it’s got its perks, it demands excellence in execution. The question before us is, as usual, is the guy in the office today to be expected to perform the job better than the guy who wants to be the guy in the office? There are a number of factors that should be weighing in on that assessment, not the least of which is the actual performance of the job thus far by the incumbent. But there’s been a near-constant emphasis by the so-called mainstream media to paint this election as hinging on a supposed critical aspect: likeability.

They don’t want to talk about the President’s lack of expertise or his lack of focus or his lack of respect for our laws. They want to bring up again and again how the President is just so much more likeable than Mitt Romney is. Allegedly. They would like that to factor in heavily in your decision this year.

This is a distraction, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s a dangerous one for the decision that’s in your hands today and for the next month or so. Likeability is a matter for popularity contests. It’s why you elect someone Prom King, not President of the United States. It’s also irrelevant to this decision. It’s perfectly ok to like someone, personally, and still think they’re screwing up at the job. How many of us work at places where we know a guy who’s funny and nice to be around, but just can’t get his tasks done competently and in a timely fashion? I’m betting most of us can think of people like that. It’s even ok to think that such a person is doing all right at his job but to recognize that there’s someone else available that brings to the task a set of skills that would be more suited or would have a better chance of success.

That’s where we are today. Yes, for me personally it’s solidly proven that Barak Obama is completely out of his depth. He was on the day he started running for the office and it’s gotten orders of magnitude worse since he was inaugurated. His policies and decisions have taken what was already a bad situation, economically, and made it worse. Whether he’s a likeable guy or not is completely immaterial, he’s just not doing the job. And, like the man said, when someone’s not doing the job you’ve got to let them go.

We need new leadership. We need Mitt Romney as President.


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