So, does this make Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell a liberal horse's ass?

The whole argument going on in Loudoun County right now over the decision whether or not to opt out of joining with other northern Virginia counties and agencies in building the Metro’s Silver Line out to Dulles and into Loudoun County has, frankly, depressed me a great deal in watching the descent into name-calling being done in place of rational debate. I honestly never thought I’d see some of the rank rationalizing of unethical tactics and bald-faced personal attacks being launched by some of the people I’ve had decent relations with for many years. People considered fellow conservatives for years are being dismissed as fake conservatives for even considering that it might be worth incurring debt to build this section of the region’s public transit system. That is, when they’re not being outright called “horses’ asses.”

So, I wonder what that makes fellow Republican and Governor Bob McDonnell now:

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell urged fellow Republicans in Loudoun County to join in the second phase of the $6 billion Silver Line on Tuesday, just days before the county’s deadline to decide.

“It’s something we have to do. It’s one of America’s most critical infrastructure projects,” McDonnell told a group of developers, engineers and politicians Tuesday night. “This is the gateway to the nation’s capital.”

McDonnell’s credentials as a fiscal conservative are quite, quite strong. I’m just saying, perhaps, it just might be conceivable that the other conservatives who are considering supporting the project might be, also?