Opponents of Metro Silver line, I've got a bone to pick with you.

OK, time for a little local flair, here so any of you who are outside the area please bear with me while I address a matter close to home. Literally.

As I’ve already written about here, the Washington Metro is in the process of building a new line, the Silver Line, out from the existing system to Dulles Airport and beyond. There is considerable conflict out here in Loudoun regarding that “and beyond” part, specifically the 2 stations currently on the map that extend past Dulles Airport, the ones at Route 606 and Route 772/Ryan Road. That’s all well and good. This is a large project and an important decision. We should be having a serious and comprehensive debate on the matter.

I do not approve of having people drag that into my Church.

The Supervisor representing the Algonkian District is Suzanne Volpe. Suzanne happens to be a parishioner at my Church. That fact does not justify the papering of every parishioners’ car during Mass this morning with a “Letter to Suzanne Volpe” urging her to “be strong” and vote against Loudoun’s opting in to the Silver Line. We are a Church, not some public venue, and there are laws keeping us from commenting, as a Church, on all matter of political issues. That we are engaged in our religious observance – we call it the Mass, by the way – is not an invitation to start spraying your political messages all over us. We are there to engage in worship of God, not to park rolling spam-boxes in spaces to allow you a convenient soapbox.

To make the unethical truly dishonorable, you gutless cowards couldn’t even stand behind your words. No identification of who it was that felt the need to litter on our personal vehicles and on the Church’s private property, no ability to address directly the people who write this clearly biased and ridiculously ill-supported drivel. If you’re so proud of Mrs. Volpe and you’re so convinced of the correctness of your cause, why are you skulking around in the dark? Why are you so afraid of standing up and being recognized?

It’s because you know what you did was unjustifiable and unacceptable. That’s why you don’t want anyone to know you were responsible.

I would love to engage with you on the subjects you raise. The smarmy little snide comments like your use of a deliberate strikeout to hurl insults at fellow Republicans (I’m assuming you’re Republicans, but I wouldn’t know since you’re too busy hiding) on the board: “Recently, you [Mrs. Volpe] fought worked alongside your fellow Board members…” That comment was about the lowering of the tax rate here in Loudoun, passed by the Board. What, you think Mrs. Volpe had to “fight” her fellow Republicans on that? Which ones? When? That’s a critical accusation but, like most of the rest in this little handbill you leave it unsupported.

The little crack about “our Attorney General and soon to be Governor, Mr. Cuccinelli…” shows me your concern and attention isn’t on the election we’re holding in 5 months, but on the continued attempt at canonization of Mr. Cuccinelli. I like Ken, personally, and I voted for him, but you know Bill Bolling’s not out of this yet. Nor should he be. Nor should we be concerning ourselves with that just yet, not when we have a national election to worry about and Frank Wolf is stil needing to be re-elected this year.

But the part that makes fire shoot out of my eyes is the snarky little “…the only right answer is very clear to all genuine conservatives” horseshit. Yes, I’m calling it horseshit because that’s what it is. As if your narrow-minded, one-issue abomination of conservatism is the defining factor, here, and that there’s no way, no chance that someone might actually have a reasonable disagreement with you. I expect that crap from Occupy Wall Street and the Democratic Underground. I expect a helluva lot better from so-called conservatives.

You want to be taken seriously? Stand up out of the shadows and have the conviction to be associated with your own words. Come prepared to actually debate the facts logically, not fling the ad hominem crap I’m seeing on this letter. And how about you stay focused on the task in front of you, leave off all the little side-show nonsense.

And, regardless, quit sneaking into my Church’s parking lot and throwing trash all over the place! We’re there for more important matters, not to deal with the politics of the day. You’ve got the other 6 days of the week and everywhere else in Loudoun to press your issues. Leave us who are attending Mass alone.



  1. Hi Ric. This is indeed disgraceful. Do you have a copy of the flyer that you could post?

  2. Wow. I knew the anonymous and fake stuff was getting leafleted at transit lots and in neighborhoods of districts where Supervisors had indicated support, but this is out there–so far out it is out of bounds. Thank you for reporting it Ric

  3. This is such a passion filled issue, basically dealing with the high cost of this project, and depending on who you are, some in businesses and commerce want it, at the expense of the average taxpayer. Businesses who think it’s needed to increase commerce are not going to pay for it, the homeowners are going to get stuck with the expenses, that’s what I see as the primary issue. In this long, and deep recession, which we may never recover from, I can see why an average Loudoun citizen would NOT want to incur any more taxes, while they are trying to keep their heads above water, with rising medical and food costs alone. I agree it should not be taken into church parking lots, but I also think all the Supervisors should stop and think about average voter, not the businesses who won’t pay anything, but they will be the primary beneficiaries.

  4. In my opinion the only people that really do not want the Metro are the people that do not plan on using it. It’s no sacrifice on their part if we don’t get Metro and they want the rest of us to suffer with them. The population we have is ridiculous and we have no good public transportation. News flash people, trains are expensive but they are also needed.

    Yes to Metro

  5. It is about time that the politicians in office give the good citizens of Loudoun what we have been needing for so long. METRO!!!!!

  6. Unethical? Unjustifiable? Unacceptable? That’s entertaining.I find it humorous that simple grassroots efforts on the part of the OptOut group gets such a rise out of the poor folks who would rather just see Loudoun go uneducated so the Metro project can just be slipped in under the radar. I would be squirming too if someone was trying to expose this craziness. The fact that half this article is name calling and language is an indication of the level of intelligence involved in the writing of this article.As for the call to be prepared to debate the facts logically, that’s exactly what the OptOut side has done..and those in favor of rail have still failed to provide a response. All we here from the pro-Railers is “we want, we want”. How about addressing the ridiculously under-planned spending you want to get us into?

  7. I’m so glad you’re entertained, Elizabeth. I note that you’re ascribing this flier – that had no names of authors attached nor any indication of a responsible group – to the “OptOut group.” Is that Loudoun OptOut you’re talking about. You have some indication that those people are responsible?

    For someone so quick to sneer down their nose at others, assuming a lack of intelligence, you presume an awful lot. Nowhere in my post do I offer up a position of support or opposition for the “OptOut group,” which you would know if you had honestly given it a serious read. I am addressing the tactic used and I’d have exactly the same problem were it someone papering my Church’s property and the vehicles of Her parishioners with a pro-Metro letter. The fact that you and others who speak down about the *people* who support the Metro (as opposed to the arguments) can’t seem to differentiate your position from the tactics used to express it tells me a little about you, too. It’s not becoming.

    So far, all I’m hearing is loud dismissal of any supporting argument for bringing Metro here based solely upon the *people* who are offering the support and that, madam, is ad hominem – a logical fallacy. I’m unimpressed. Now, unlike you, I haven’t made a solid decision, yet, and I am still going over *all* of the details – the costs AND the benefits. Either way, the tactic of scattering anonymous letters all over the cars of people attending Mass IS unethical and unjustifiable. You’re doing your side of this debate no favors by attempting to defend this out of some kneejerk response.

    Thanks for your comments and have a nice day.

  8. Well said, Ric. Unfortunately, Elisabeth’s attitude is all-too typical of opt-out partisans. I linked to this post on Facebook and most of the comments from the Opt-out crowd were along the lines of “so what?”.

    Whether it was the fake “Loudoun Transit” flyer or this “Letter to Suzanne Volpe,” these tactics should be condemned by people on both sides of the debate. They are unethical and un-Republican.

    Everyone knows I am pro-rail, but I have tried my best to be respectful of the opt-out position; see my remarks before the BOS on June 4 as reported in the print edition of the Leesburg Today as an example. Unfortunately, this repect has rarely been reciprocated. Elisabeth is a case in point.

    Speaking of which, another disturbing talking point Elisabeth promotes is this line about how Loudoun is “uneducated” on rail and if only they knew more they’d all be on the opt-out side. This elitist attitude is condescending and wrong. Pro-rail speakers at the June 4 public input were well informed, as were the citizens at Sulervisor Letourneau’s June 7 town hall.

    We shod be able to disagree while being respectful of each other, and not use these anonymous flyer tactics

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