Signs & Portents, Meanings and Mendacity: Scott Walker decisively wins recall election to hold onto his office, Dems & lib melt down

After 18 months of some of the most acrimonious and bitterly slurring rhetoric to be leveled at a public official whose only problem was that he was doing exactly as he campaigned that he would, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker decisively defeated Democrat Tom Barrett in a recall election pushed by public sector unions and liberals upset that they had lost the 2010 election. The margin, with all precincts counted, was a solid 7%, with Walker taking 53% to Barret’s 46%.

In modern politics, that cleanly falls into the “not even close” category. And lest any disgruntled liberals wish to take issue with that assessment, I’ll point them this story at the UPI, headlining Obama’s 52% to 46% over McCain in 2008 as “Obama, Dems win historic blowout victory.” In fact, that’s a terrific idea. Let’s call this what it should be. Gov. Scott Walker won a historic, blowout victory last night, sending not just Barrett but also the public sector unions, the WI Dems, and the liberals that have been generally baying for the Governor’s blood down to a devastating defeat.

They had their say in 2010. And again in the election of Judge Prosser. And again when they failed to “recall” their way back into power in the state Senate. And, yes, again last night. And in each case, the answer was the same: they lost. Plain and simple more Wisconsin citizens disagree with their take on the matter than agree with them, and now that’s been confirmed 4 times. Time to, as they say, “move on.”

Of course, they’re not doing that. There are all manner of videos and printed editorials and the like where they were loud and clear that they were going to kick Walker out of the Governor’s mansion and that would show those damned conservatives and those frakkin’ Rethuglicans that they were on the wrong side of history. It would be a sign, it would be a demonstration of the way things were and the way things were going to be. Of course, now, they can’t get on the camera fast enough, waving dismissively that this doesn’t mean anything, it’s just completely about this recall and that it doesn’t indicate anything else. Don’t believe me? Take it from them:

Sorry, it’s not that easy any more. Now, I don’t know for sure how much the Walker victory means regarding the presidential election now just 5 months away. The exit polls last night in WI showed that Obama was still up over Romney right there in WI, but these are the same exit polls that were saying the Walker recall was a neck-and-neck race when, in fact, it wasn’t. By a longshot. How trustworthy can they be?

The really sad thing is watching some of the reaction. The liberal left and the Democrats went absolutely berserk last night on Twitter with dozens and dozens of them calling for Walker to be assassinated. Many threatened his family. I’d love to think that more Democrats despise that kind of behavior than don’t and that there would be a moment of clarity for some of them to actually come right out and say that it was wrong and that those people making the threats should be investigated, period, full stop. They won’t, of course. They’ll make noises about how they don’t approve but they’ll immediately justify the comments as righteous anger or something. They’ll make some vague reference to some one-off nutcase who threatened one of their own as if that’s somehow justification in any case, even if it’s just 1 or 2 versus scores. But the only people that deserve to be investigated, arrested, and jailed are conservatives who speak like that. Never their own.

Add to the sad state of affairs the desperate grasping at rumors and the like that characterized the last 48 hours of the race with unsupported allegations on top of bogus accusations. Walker’s people were running robo-calls committing voter fraud. (Never shown to have even happened, let alone be Walker’s fault.) Walker fathered a child out of wedlock back in college. (A ridiculous rumor completely busted the second Dan Bice at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel made a single phone call to actually check it out.) Walker engaged in campaining activities using Milwaukee County resources and he’s going to be indicted then jailed in short order. (Supposedly there was going to be an announcement today that an official probe of Walker’s campaign was being made. I’ve checked out major WI TV stations and newspaper sites – nada.)

It’s just never going to end with some of these people. But for the rest of us, and for WI in particular, it’s a matter that’s been decided and the repercussions will be have to be dealt with. By everyone.