Memorial Day: Ad perpetuam rei memoriam, bellator.

My Memorial Day started in the early AM this year, and being outside enjoying the quiet as the sun rose up over the trees somehow seems perfect. This is a day to remember those men and women who answered our nation’s call and set aside a path in life like most of us have to follow one that put them in harm’s way on our behalf. It is particularly for those to stood on that path and laid down everything they had in defense of their nation and their nation’s ideals. I’m taking this moment in the clear morning sun and the stillness to offer up my prayer and take to heart what it meant to undertake that kind of service. My family and I are thankful. I promise that I will pass along to my daughter what has been done for her.

And, once again, I will relate what I’ve been told time and again by various veterans over the years. With the firm memory of those who gave all in our nation’s service, set yourself a mission today to enjoy the life here in America. Get together with friends and family, do the grill thing, hoist a cold beverage of your choice. Honor those who fell in our service by enjoying the freedoms they stood in service for. It’s what they’d want.

Ad perpetuam rei memoriam, bellator.