Democratic National Committee is refusing to put any funds into the Wisconsin recall vote

Oh boy:

Since last week, I have reported that the Wisconsin Recall election is moving firmly in Scott Walker’s direction. Big Labor’s preferred candidate, Kathleen Falk, was trounced in last week’s Democrat primary. Scott Walker, who Big Labor assured us was universally despised, got almost as many votes as all the Democrats combined. This afternoon, we learn that the DNC has wisely decided not to waste a dime on the recall.

The report referenced by Mike Flynn of comes from none other than After the performance by the unions’ candidate, Falk, and the huge showing by Walker I can’t say I blame the DNC. In spite of all the angry shouting and fists in the air, the confident and righteous proclamations that Walker is widely regarded as an embarrassing mistake it’s the reality of the situation that Gov. Walker has done in office precisely what he said he’d do as he was campaigning. Wisconsin voters preferred what Walker was offering by a margin of 52% to the Democrat Tom Barrett’s 46%. That’s a solid margin – almost precisely the margin of victory of President Obama over John McCain in the 2008 presidential election – and he’s not done anything that he said he wouldn’t do.

I thought recall elections were supposed to be to remove someone who was clearly not acting in office like they said they would while on the campaign trail, not for endlessly shouting “Do over!” to override an electoral loss by your side. No matter. The DNC looks like they know which way this is going. And in a few weeks, the rest of us will know, too.