Coroner's report: Andrew Breitbart died of natural causes

I followed Andrew Breitbart on Twitter and seeing him re-tweet some of the vile spewage directed at him by some of the so-called “enlightened” leftists made me smile. Breitbart believed strongly in making them stand by their words and those words were usually sputtering profanity. One of the things I noticed very quickly was how fast and often some of these highly rational people would accuse Breitbart of being on drugs – usually cocaine, which I guess is the drug of choice by these cerebral fellows – or of being gay. Which, you know, is interesting that they would reach for that term to hurl as an insult, but that’s another matter. In the hatestorm that rained down beginning almost instantly with the news of his death, both of these accusations were leveled again and both implicated as being the likely cause of his death.

Well, to make sure that we’re all working in a reality-based spectrum, here, I would like to join in with many other conservatives in making sure to spread the real story: Breitbart died of natural causes.

Chief Coroner Investigator Craig Harvey told Breitbart News that the final autopsy report would be released next week.

A press release issued by the Department of Coroner (below) notes: “No prescription or illicit drugs were detected. The blood alcohol was .04%,” a negligible amount.

And there you have it. I don’t expect the Left to let up on their meme that he somehow died from some drug-induced excess but then the facts don’t seem to matter to a lot of these people. The way they acted in the immediate wake of Andrew’s death is inexcusable, something that others on the Left just can’t bring themselves to say. But we know better. And now we know the truth about his passing, too.

Rest in peace, Andrew Breitbart. And may this someday bring some solace to your family.